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Here We Stand
Albert N. Martin

This series of audio messages is intended to provide a broad overview of the major elements of the Christian faith, as understood, believed preached and practiced by the true people of God in the past, and by this congregation today; an analysis of the faith once for all delivered to the saints. It is designed to confirm the old-timers among us, to initiate the new comers, and to inform the on-lookers. It is suitable for personal or group study and can be taken as a whole or in part.

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I.  Foundational Perspectives:
a) Introduction:

b) The Book We Believe and Obey:
         (hear also: Of The Holy Scriptures Greg Nichols 1689 series)
         (hear also: Doctrine of The Word — Sam Waldron Academy lectures)

c) The God We Worship and Confess:
         (hear also: The Trinity — William Downing)
         (hear also: The Holy Spirit Albert Martin series)
         (hear also: Sovereignty of God Albert Martin series)
         (hear also: The Doctrine of God Greg Nichols series)
         (hear also: The Deity of our Lord — William Downing series)
         (hear also: The Trinity — Nos. 9-11 — S. Waldron's Systematics)
         (hear also: Unqualified Deity of the Mediator — S. Waldron's Systematics)
         (hear also: Sovereignty of God — Nos. 13-14 — S. Waldron's Systematics)

d) The Salvation We Receive and Proclaim:
         (hear also: Doctrines of Grace page)

II.  Central Figure in Salvation:
The Person & Work of The Lord Jesus Christ:

a) The Mystery of His Person:
His Deity:
         (hear also: The Deity of Our Lord – [scroll down] — William Downing)
         (hear also: Unqualified Deity of the MediatorSamuel Waldron)

His Humanity:

Hypostatic Union:

b) The Majesty of His Offices:
         (more messages on Christ's priestly intercession
          can be heard in Pastor Martin's series on Romans 8:34.



III.  The Cardinal Blessings of Salvation:
         (see also: The Sovereignty of God series [message six])
         (see also: The Doctrines of Grace series [message four])

         (see also: The New Birth;  The Holy Spirit);

         (see also: Justification page)

         (see also: Adoption series)

         (see also: Sanctification page)


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