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The Sovereignty of God
Albert N. Martin
Faith may swim where reason and understanding may only wade” is one of the oft-repeated and memorable notes sounded in this very early series (at one place he says that 1963 “ , , , was four years ago”). It is also one of the most popular - and a very important series. Pastor Martin sets out Scriptural perspectives and practical applications on the sovereignty of God in the realms of creation, providence and grace — calling this “the very backbone of divine revelation.” These messages were freshly digitized from donated original Trinity Pulpit tapes in October of 2016. Click here for information about the hitherto missing message No. 8, and the restoration of the opening and closing prayers.
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   01)  Introduction: Approach, Definition, Demonstration   

   Sovereign in the Realms of:
   02)  Creation; Providence   
   03)  Grace (includes “Common Caricatures”)   

   Key Words:
   04)  “Election”   
   05)  “Foreknowledge”   
   06)  “Predesination”; “Called/Calling”   

   Key Passages:
   07)  Mat. 11:25-27, John 3:1-11, 1:12-13, James 1:17-18   
   08)  John 6:37-40; John 6:60-65   
   09)  Romans 9:1-24; Introductory Perspectives   
   10)  Romans 9:1-24; Exposition/Applications #1   
   11)  Romans 9:1-24; Exposition/Applications #2   
   12)  1 Corinthians 1   
   13)  Ephesians 1   

   14)  Why Preach or Pray?   
   15)  The “Whosoever Will” Passages   
   16)  Doesn't This Make Man a Puppet?; HyperCalvinism   

   Practical Implications/Effects:
   17)  How This Should Affect Our Lives   
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  Sovereignty of God (Samuel Waldron—see Nos. 13-14)  
  Sovereignty of God and Providence (John Reisinger)  
  God's Sovereignty Over Nature (Albert Martin)  
  Our Sovereign God (James McDowell)  
  Predestination (see three sermons by William Downing)  
  Ballast for the Soul in the New Year (Albert Martin)  
  The Sovereignty of God (L.R. Shelton, Jr. series)  
  The Sovereignty of God in Salvation (L.R. Shelton, Jr. series)