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Adoption: The Crowning Blessing of Salvation
Albert N. Martin
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Place in Salvation/Meaning/Significance:
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 01) Introduction 
 02) Central Place in the Plan of Salvation 
 03) Fundamental Meaning/Significance 

 04) (a): Sons of God; (b) Brethren of Christ 
 05) (c): Heirs of a Rich Inheritance 
 06) (d): Given The Spirit of Adoption 
 07) (e): The Promise of Our Father's Provision 
 08) f): Our Heavenly Father's Loving Discipline 
 09) (g): Hope of Glorification 

Ethical Duties/Obligations/Repsonsibilities:
 10) (a): Seek to Please Our Heavenly Father 
 11) (b): Seek to Immitate Our Heavenly Father 
 12) (c): Seek to Draw Others to Our Heavenly Father 
 13) (Subsequent "PS" Re: Sons and Daughters) 


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