Studies in Our Church Missions Policy - Albert N. Martin
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Studies in Our Church Missions Policy
Albert N. Martin
Early in 1989 a single sermon called The Ultimate Success of the Missionary Enterprise was preached by pastor Martin. Mention is made during the closing pastoral prayer that some sort of “quarterly endeavor” is occuring at the church. Then, between June and November of this same year, the 15-part series called “Studies in Our Church Missions Policy” was delivered. Shortly after this finished, a Sunday School class was begun by asking if there were any questions related to the series. While these “pre” and “post” messages are not formal parts of the larger main series – they are related topically, chronologically, and organically, and thus they have been placed below as numbers “00” and “16” (as a “prologue” / “epilogue” as it were — a foreward/afterword, a prelude/postlude, an introduction/coda).
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  Manifesto series:  “The Unique Place of the Church in ... 
        ... Evangelism and Missions 
        ... The Call of Men to the Ministry 
        ... Sending Forth Church Planters