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Dealing with our Spiritually Awakened Children
Albert N. Martin
Christian parents pray that their children will be awakened to spiritual realities. They rejoice when sons and daughters begin to ask questions like, "how can I know if I have a new heart?" But then they face a dilemma. How do you counsel an awakened child? How do you discourage false assurance while not driving your child to despair? These are the types of questions you will find answered in this ground-breaking study. This is not only a unique contribution to the field of child-rearing, it is a penetrating study into the psychology of spiritual experience. If you were raised in a Christian home and have ever doubted your salvation because you're not sure exactly when you were saved, listening to these tapes may be the means God uses to finally settle your questions.
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 01) Dealing w/Awakened Children Part 1 
 02) Dealing w/Awakened Children Part 2 
 03) Dealing w/Awakened Children Part 3 
 04) Dealing w/Awakened Children Part 4 


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