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Albert N. Martin / Greg Nichols
John Reisinger / Walter Chantry
One of the few major doctrines on which reformed brethren might disagree, the messages on this page include single sermons preached on the occasion of public baptisms, and different series regarding the meaning, purposes, and “how much water on whom.”

If there are any who desire to have an extensive study of the subject of baptism — including what I regard in my exposure to the writing on the subject the most convincing treatment of the subject — I commend to you the series of adult Sunday School tapes by Pastor Nichols.” — Albert Martin (from the Gospel of Mark series, message #113).

Miscellaneous notes:
Are You One of God's Plants?: the impending baptisms are not mentioned until the very end of the sermon.
Infant Baptism: Is It Biblical?:
       Message 4: Pastor Nichols refers to a sermon by Charles Spurgeon called Children Brought to Christ, and Not to the Font, which can be accessed  here.
       Message 31: As is mentioned, it was decided not to deal with this important aspect of the series in any great detail at this time. However, the "written notes" mentioned by pastor Nichols eventuated in his audio series The Covenants (and in a recent book). These materials are highly recommended, since a clear view of God's covenants is vitally important to properly understanding infant baptism.
       Message 33: The paper by Walter Chantry which Pastor Nichols mentions can be accessed here.
       Speakers: This series was delivered predominantly by Greg Nichols, but includes a handful of messages by Albert Martin (8-11, 22, 24, postscript in 31) & thus is listed under both names on each person's index page.
       Associated series: Pastor Martin mentions that a related series has been "brewing" regarding how to deal with spirtually awakened children. This was eventually delivered, and can be found here.
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The Infant Baptism series was donated.
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 Single messages:
   Testimony of a Christian  (Albert N. Martin - 11/24/1974) 
   Are You One of God's Plants?  (ANM - 05/31/1987) 
   1 Corinthians 1:10-17  (ANM - 03/07/1993) 
   Relationship of Mark 10:13-16 to Infant Baptism (ANM) 
   “Of Baptism”   (Greg Nichols - 1689 series) 
   Rebuttal of Paedobaptism   (Sam Waldron) 
   The New Covenant and Paedobaptism   (Sam Waldron) 
   The Covenants and Baptism   (Walter Chantry) 
   Baptism   (John Reisinger) 
   Infant Baptism   (John Reisinger) 

 Baptism (series “TO-K-1 - 2” - ANM):
     01) Universal Setting  
     02) Essential Purpose   

 Baptism (series “TE-N-1 - 3” - ANM):
     01) Proper Subjects / Attendants (“why when who how”) 
     02) “Into the Name Of”  (essential significance) 
     03) Element, Mode, Perpetuity   

 Infant Baptism: Is It Biblical?: (GGN + ANM)
   01)  Introductory Approach to the Subject  
   02)  Subjects of Baptism, Part 1  (in the Gospels)
   03)  Subjects of Baptism, Part 2  (in the Acts)
   04)  Subjects of Baptism, Part 3  
   05)  Subjects of Baptism, Part 4  
   06)  Subjects of Baptism, Part 5  
   07)  Conclusions Drawn from this Biblical Evidence  
   08)  Hermeneutics - Q and A  
   09)  Why Do So Many Practice It? Part 1  
   10)  Why Do So Many Practice It? Part 2  
   11)  Why Do So Many Practice It? Part 3  
   12)  Significance of Baptism  
   13)  How Infant Baptism Relates to ,,, Part 1  
   14)  Q and A. What About Those Promises?  
   15)  How Infant Baptism Relates to ,,, Part 2  
   16)  Infant Baptism and Concept of Sacrament/Ordinance  
   17)  Infant Baptism and The Lord's Supper  
   18)  Circumcision: OT Survey  
   19)  Circumcision: NT Survey, Part 1  
   20)  Circumcision: NT Survey, Part 2  
   21)  Relationship Betw. Circumcision/Infant Baptism #1  
   22)  Q and A  
   23)  Relationship Betw. Circumcision/Infant Baptism #2  
   24)  Q and A  
   25)  The Church and Infant Baptism, Part 1  
   26)  The Church and Infant Baptism, Part 2  
   27)  The Church and Infant Baptism, Part 3  
   28)  The Church and Infant Baptism, Part 4  
   29)  The Church and Infant Baptism, Part 5  
   30)  The Church and Infant Baptism, Part 6  
   31)  The Covenants and Infant Baptism  
   32)  How Should Parents/Church Regard/Treat Children?  
   33)  Overview of Infant Baptism Series, Part 1  
   34)  Overview of Infant Baptism Series, Part 2  
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Does it matter if a Calvinist dates an Arminian? a Baptist a Pedobaptist, etc?
Hear a short excerpt from the singles' conference series: Jesus Christ: The Pattern for our Emotional Life - message #4:

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Book: "From Paedobaptism to Credobaptism"