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This conference message is a single-sermon version of the two-part series called Mortification of Sin, and was preached on the Lord's Day before the conference began. While the content of this message is the same as in the series, there are some unique exhortations and additions, making it an edifying listen even if you have already heard the Mortification messages. Also (and perhaps more importantly), there were many praying for the conference—resulting in additional assistance and unction during the delivery.

Note: early cassettes of this message included an additional 1.5 minute section on the front-end, where Pastor Martin explains why the audience will not be hearing the final installment of the Union With Christ series (which he was delivering at this conference). This has been pasted back onto the beginning from an old tape we had on hand, and thus a change of quality will be noticed at the one minute, thirty-second mark.

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