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The Doctrine of Man
(academy lectures)
Greg Nichols
Pastor Nichols began lecturing on the Doctrine of Man in 1979. This particular version of the course was delivered about 15 years later, in 1994. Although they are now about 19 years old, and were not yet in their "final format" (as he mentions in lecture no. 1), the messages are nevertheless full of insightful, instructive and edifying material, and - considered as a whole - go well beyond what would typically be heard from the pulpit. He lectures from the standpoint of the students already having heard his Doctrine of God messages, which should be heard first before listening to these. (Click here for the Doctrine of God page).

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(These messages were donated).

  2) Creation  
  3) Providence, Part 1  
  4) Providence, Part 2  
  5) Providence, Part 3  
 18) Government  
 20) Sabbath  
 21) Man's States  
 27) Actual Sin  
 28) Original Sin  
 31) Common Grace  

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