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Radio Broadcasts
Albert N. Martin
The messages on this page were either recorded specifically for boadcast on radio, or, are edited versions of sermons shortened for airplay.

To play a message click on a link, or to download, right-click the link and select "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer), or "Save Link As" (Google Chrome). Report a bad link or file problem here.

   1) Who Am I?  
   3) Biblical Perspectives on The Twin Towers (shorter 9/12/01 version)*  
   4) I Am The Way  

*A longer message was delivered a few days later (9/16/01) and is available here
**A fuller, four-sermon treatment of this text is available here

 Take Heed How You Hear: 
 (delivered May through October, 1995): 
 a) Introduction:

    1) Exposition and Application of Luke 8:18 
 b) Before The Sermon:

    2) Before The Sermon, Part 1 
    3) Before The Sermon, Part 2 
 c) During The Sermon: 

    4) During the Sermon, Part 1 
    5) During the Sermon, Part 2 
    6) During the Sermon, Part 3 
    7) During the Sermon, Part 4 
    8) During the Sermon, Part 5 
    9) During the Sermon, Part 6 
   10) During the Sermon, Part 7 
 c) After The Sermon: 

   11) After The Sermon Part 1 
   12) After The Sermon Part 2 
   13) After The Sermon Part 3 
   14) After The Sermon Part 4 
   15) After The Sermon Part 5 
   16) After The Sermon Part 6 
Full versions of some of the "Take Heed" messages are available here