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Effective Pastoral Preaching
1991 Pastors' Conference
Albert N. Martin

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  01)  Scriptural Truth 
  02)  Relevant Truth 
  04)  Application 
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Effective Popular Preaching
Albert N. Martin
This apparently was a minister's gathering of some sort, '3,700 miles from home' [California?]. In attendance was "Mr. Murray," and "Jay" [Adams?]. It appears to be an early version of the Effective Pastoral Preaching series, above, and of the Pastoral Theology Lectures delivered at the Trinity Ministerial Academy. While these materials matured over the years as Pastor Martin was able to give them more prayerful thought & study, coupled with additional years of pastoral experience, these three messages are still very much worth a hearing. And yes - of course he explains the meaning of his words in the title. ;-)
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 01) The Man Who Preaches 
 02) Content and Form of the Message 
 03) Delivery of the Message 

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  True Preaching (academy)