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Sovereign Grace Audio Treasures. First with Here We Stand, first with The Manifesto, etc., this site is a branch of Eternal Life Ministries, a non-profit, non-denominational organization which seeks to glorify God by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the unique means given to our generation: the internet. It exists to edify and strengthen Christian believers, families, ministers, and Churches. We believe Biblical teachings are most accurately summarized by the five 'solas' of the Protestant Reformation, by the "doctrines of grace," and in the Westminster / London Baptist confessions of faith: therefore, we only post audio messages which are in closest keeping with these standards. We currently have over 3000. Many of the messages were originally produced and distributed on cassette and VHS tape by Trinity Pulpit. Most of our MP3 recordings and videos were digitized by those who are a part of this ministry. Some were produced by Grace Gems and Koelsch Broadcasting Productions, and are used by their kind permission. We welcome additional edifying materials from others. If you have MP3 recordings or VHS / cassette tapes which you think would be suitable for our site and would like to donate them, click here.

You will not find advertisements on the site or requests for funds. We do not want your email address (unless you have a question or comment and desire a reply). We do not have any 'cookies.' All involved are volunteers who receive no monetary recompense: after all "serving God is a work that is its own wages". Everything is 100% free in the fullest sense of those words, because 'freely we ourselves have received.' We have labored to list & make the messages accessable in the easiest way possible, so there are no 'hoops' through which you must jump.

The goal of this site is not to have an inexhaustible and overwhelming collection of millions of sermons — knowing that the average Christian does not have an inexhaustible amount of time for searching and listening. Rather, it is to provide an archive where you can go to quickly find the finest God-owned preaching by the generally-acknowledged highest quality preachers of our generation, on a wide variety of topics. We believe that - concurrent with the advent of audio recording technology and the internet - God has also blessed this generation with some extraordinarly blessed preachers, and we desire to help preserve them for this & for future generations.

Some of the speakers have only one – or just a few – messages, because they seemed to have been extraordinarily helped of God in the delivery of these sermons. Other factors include time constraints, or because other messages were just not available. Others speakers have higher quantities, because God seems to "own" their ministries on a more consistent basis. Generally speaking then, messages are only posted after they have been personally heard and run through these 'filters.' Other messages that have not been heard have been posted because of the proven reputation they have in this blessed 'art' of delivering, illustrating, and applying the living Word of God with balance, accuracy, unction, and unto maximum edification. All of this might be considered "subjective," relying upon the webservant's spiritual condition, discernment, and available time to delve into these matters further. Yes: and each of the previous sentences could be endlessly qualified and 'footnoted' to the point where books could be written. Please then, do not write seeking to point these out because we already know. This is one aging steward's worshipful, prayerful attempt to freely give the best of what he has freely received, for the benefit of the whole Body. Or, as Anointed Jesus said: "Leave [him] alone: [he] has done what [he] could."