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Comment: "Albert Martin's ministry proved to be a tremendous blessing in my own personal development as a Christian and as a pastor. Especially the Pastoral Theology course: it was like a treasure, I devoured them, they were tremendously impacting in my life. He has had a powerful influence on many young pastors.  óJeffery S. Smith, Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Florida [more comments]

Are You Born Again?
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Charles Bridges Commentary on Proverbs
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Pastoral Theology Lectures
Albert N. Martin

It might be said that this is one of Pastor Martin's most important contributions to the Christian Church. It Biblically details the elements of a man's character, call, and functions in the pastoral office, including: effective overseeing & leading of the flock, effective ministry of the Wordóboth publicly (in preaching) and privately (in counseling). It is also very instructive for the average Church memberóto help them know what kind of men they should vote into this office, and what they should expect of those who are over them in the LORD. Also covered are such topics as weddings, funerals, membership interviews, prayer meetings, public worship, church discipline, evangelism, the diaconate, inter-church relationships, etc. Please recommend this series to your pastor: it has frequently been used by the Head of the Church to bring about life-changing & ministry-changing results. [go]

Ecclesiology Lectures
Greg Nichols

"I will build my church; and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it." "And gave him to be head over all things to the church." "Unto him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus unto all generations for ever and ever. Amen" (Matthew 16:18, Ephesians 1:22, Ephesians 3:21). How can we labor for the well-being of the Church if we do not know what the Church is supposed to be? Since the great purpose of history is the building of Christ's Church, His ruling over all things to that end, and God's glory which is so largely bound up therein, it well-behooves us to be well-rooted and grounded in the Biblical teaching on this most important subject. [go]

Studies in the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith
Greg Nichols

One of our most frequently downloaded series. The doctrinal statements of many modern churches are often quite short, generic and minimal, whereas the 1689 is relatively long, detailed and specific. This "mini systematic theology" was the confession of Charles Spurgeon and many other prominent servants of Christ, and is instructive in giving proper expression, weight and order to the major Biblical teachings. When adopted as a Church's secondary standard, it can go a long way in fulfilling Paul's inspired exhoration: "Now I beseech you brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment." [go]

Through Life's Disappointments
Ron Lee Davis

The pastor takes the dramatic account of Paul's shipwreck in Acts 27, and serves it up as good encouraging spiritual food to help us through the detours and shipwrecks that we undergo in this life. [go]

Full Color Tracts

How to Be Sure

We live in a day when multitudes have been assured they are saved because they have walked an aisle, said "the sinner's prayer" or signed a decision card; yet they show none of the signs of being born again which are given in God's Word. Christ said, "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God" (John 3:3). Therefore, assurance of regeneration is essential in order to have assurance of salvation. The tract "How to Be Sure" shows the urgent need for this assurance and the biblical basis for it. Biblical guidelines also are given for those who lack it. [go]

Down Life's Path (Poem)

"Down Life's Path" depicts the vanity and consequences of seeking happiness in the things of the world and gives the only solution which is faith in Christ. Not only can this tract be useful for witnessing to unbelievers but also for encouraging believers. It serves as a reminder of the happiness they have in Christ which is often needed in a world filled with sorrow. The poem "Assurance" is included so that people will know what changes to expect in their lives when they have saving faith. [go]

Note: Periodically we offer free copies of our tracts, but when they are not available from us you may make and freely distribute your own. If you are shy or reserved and find it difficult to pass out tracts, please see our tract distribution tips.

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