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Listener Comment: "['God's Word to Our Nation, Part 3: Our Nation's Sexual Sins'] is a powerful message that is more meaningful today with our growing perversion being accepted openly and promoted even by our government. It's difficult to understand how God is having so much patience without a national punishment for our sinful life. But we can see certain events happening in our nation that are indications that a great judgment is soon to come. Our churches have failed us in condemning this abominable sin."  H. Hudson from Florida [more comments]

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God's Word to Our Nation, Part 2:
National Moral Degeneracy

Albert N. Martin

We have received many blessings from the hand of God as a nation and have much to give Him thanks for; yet as a nation we have not been living as those mindful of His kindness to us and of our accountability to Him. Instead, we have turned away from listening to Him and His Word into paths of unrighteousness. One of the most aggravated sins of moral degeneracy of our nation is that of the unrequited blood of murdered multitudes. Our nation is stained with an ocean of blood that cries to God for His vengeance. In this opening up of God's Word to our nation, we hear His rebuke and denunciation for our nation's aggravated sins and a call to repentance and prayer. [go]

God's Word to Our Nation, Part 3:
Our Nation's Sexual Sins

Albert N. Martin

Our nation is in serious spiritual need but in God's Word, the Bible, we find answers to our moral and social problems as a nation. Sadly these days, our nation is marked not only by an unrestrained and unashamed abandonment to sensuality but also by the putrid sin of sexual perversion. What is called sexual orientation and an alternative lifestyle today, God has always called an abomination, which He visits with severe judgment but from which He offers salvation. In this message from God's Word to our nation, we hear His rebuke and denunciation for our nation's aggravated moral sins and a call to repentance and prayer. There is cleansing in the blood of Christ for all of our sexual sins (1 Cor. 6:9-11). [go]

God's Word to Our Nation, Part 4:
National Religious Apostasy

Albert N. Martin

As a nation we have in large scale rejected the true and living God and have abandoned our godly heritage and the special light that came through mighty preachers in the past and formerly pious church denominations and have gone headlong into decadent humanism, deceptive liberalism, demonic occultism and a weak, man-centered, flesh-pleasing, fad-conforming evangelicalism. By doing so we have incurred a dreadful accountability as a nation before God. As a nation we must repent and plead for Him to have mercy upon us. [go]

Heaven and Hell
Albert N. Martin

Whatever else can be said about every human being, we can be absolutely certain that his or her eternal existence will be in either the everlasting torments of hell or the perfect bliss of unbroken communion with God in heaven. It is imperative that we all live our lives in the light of eternity. This series will bring you into the closest proximity to the solemn truths revealed in the Bible concerning the future of all men. [go]

from Eternal Life Ministries

Full Color Gospel Tract
How to Be Sure

We live in a day when multitudes have been assured they are saved because they have walked an aisle, said "the sinner's prayer" or signed a decision card; yet they show none of the signs of being born again which are given in God's Word. Christ said, "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God" (John 3:3). Therefore, assurance of regeneration is essential in order to have assurance of salvation. The tract "How to Be Sure" shows the urgent need for this assurance and the biblical basis for it. Biblical guidelines also are given for those who lack it. Request multiple copies to share with others. Preview here.

Full Color Poem Tract
Down Life's Path

"Down Life's Path" depicts the vanity and consequences of seeking happiness in the things of the world and gives the only solution which is faith in Christ. Not only can this tract be useful for witnessing to unbelievers but also for encouraging believers. It serves as a reminder of the happiness they have in Christ which is often needed in a world filled with sorrow. Request multiple copies to share with others. Preview here.

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